14 May 2015

Joseph Georgic has been doing research on the brain since the Fall of 2014. He has previously published his research at HASTAC and has presented his work at the Michigan Developmental Education Consortium Conference. He also presented his research at the Institute for Innovation in Education Gathering.

During the Spring of 2015, Georgic was asked to prepare a presentation that combined his previous research on the brain with the message of Nick Sousanis' Unflattening. As an added twist, the presentation had to be relevant to nineteenth century American history. No other directions were given.

After researching Phineas Gage and about other nineteenth century medical issues including Brandon Schulz's "Civil War Medicine," Gregoric decided to focus on Phrenology.

Although the materials from this presentation were not prepared for publication, Georgic is the author of:

Joseph Georgic
14 May 2015