Islamic Golden Age Mini Lesson

Mini-Lesson and PowerPoint prepared by Joseph Haglund.
This mini-lesson would take 10-15 minutes to present

Many westerners have a negative view on the Islamic Culture do to the acts of extremists. The average American associates Islamic culture with the few horrific events that have happened over the years. Most do not know what the people of Islam have contributed to the modern world.  

Muslim culture greatly values knowledge and in the mid to late 20th century they contributed many things to ancient Europe and the surrounding areas. The government supported scholars and some estimate their salaries equal what professional athletes are paid today.

This PowerPoint presentation on the Islamic Golden Age provides some brief details about how medicine, hospitals, science, and chemistry advanced during the Islamic Golden Age. It concludes with Infoknowledge's Islam's Contribution to the World: The Golden Age Of Islam [6:40].

Yahy√° al-Wasiti's illustration of scholars at an Abbasid library in Baghdad, 1237