Unflattening, the British in the American Civil War, and How the Two Relate

Jenson Phillips

The goal of this lesson is to further students' understanding of the concepts behind Unflattening, the history of the British in the American Civil War, and how the two relate.

  1. The first step is to have every student read the first chapter of Unflattening. This will set the basis for how the class will be conducted by encouraging students to be open and express their unique opinions and ideas about the subjects.

  2. After the students have finished reading, focus in on the idea of speaking their opinions on certain topics. Aa good way to do that is to focus on page 12 of Unflattening and ask students what they see when they look at this page. Creative answers are the goal.

  3. Have the students keep the idea of creativity in mind as you transition towards the history lesson about how the British affected the American Civil War.

  4. Present the "British in the U.S. Civil War" PowerPoint to the class related to the subject. Be sure to discuss slide four: "What side did the English want to side with? Why do you think that?" Also, take any comments or questions at the end.

  5. Show students the proper technique on citing sources in a piece of work. A tutorial on proper citations can be found at Resources for Researchers.

  6. Have students do additional research on the Internet about the subject. Have them search for sources including online journals, scholarly websites, and digital books. Have students write down their findings.

  7. Have students share the research they found and discuss with the class what they learned from the research.

  8. Have students turn in a list of their sources.

  9. Discuss page 130 in Unflattening and how the page may relate to the British in the Civil War including how societies are separate yet connected as well as our ability to reflect on our environment.

Image from page 130 of Unflattening.