Amish Life

Heather Sandoval

  • Start by discussing Unflattening by Nick Sousanis and how he wants us to look at things differently from other points of view. Specifically, on page 31, he writes, "The distance separating our eyes means that there is a difference between the view each produces — thus there is no single 'correct' view."

  • Ask students to discuss why they think people don't always accept individuals that are different from themselves.

  • Screen Amish Life [6:16]

  • Ask students how they think the Amish benefit by living differently than others. Discussion topics could also include what part of Amish life looks interesting and what part about Amish life for them would be hardest to get used to.

  • What do you think Nick Sousanis would say to the Amish about being different and that there is no single "correct view."

  • Depending on the age group, "Amish Word Search" could be a fun activity to end the lesson.

Photo Credit: Ad Meskens