Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

Olivia Lefere
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Dorothy Gale is a courageous character in The Wizard of Oz. Because she orphaned at a young age, she lived with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. Dorothy's true happiness in life came from her pet dog named Toto. They all lived on a farm in Kansas where they were encompassed by drought and poverty constantly. Her courage was shown when a tornado hit her farm and her first instinct was to help Toto.

Instead of leaving her dog behind, Dorothy stayed by him to protect him from the storm. This brave act led Dorothy to be transported to a fantastical land called the Land of Oz where she made valuable friends and which eventually allow her to come back to Kansas. In Oz, Dorothy was faced with unfamiliar creatures and forced to make challenging decisions. The changes that happened in her life revealed her bravery and kindness.

Throughout each hardship, Dorothy experienced in Kansas and the Land of Oz, she remained confident and selfless. She never passed up the opportunity to help others during her journey in the Land of Oz. For example, she encounters the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion and eventually helps each one. She allowed each one of them the chance to join her so they all could find solutions to their problems.

Dorothy helps the Scarecrow get brains, which had always been a dream of his. Secondly, she helps the Tin Woodman acquire a heart so he can have feelings. Lastly, she aids the Cowardly Lion in attaining courage so he can be a King. She was able to assist each traveler so they can achieve what they have always dreamed. These acts throughout the story show that Dorothy is a young girl that likes to see others prosper.

Once the tornado hits Dorothy's farmhouse, her life is uprooted and all that she has ever perceived changes. In Kansas, she was unaware of characters like witches or wizards. When she was in the Land of Oz, she had to take action and think in different ways than she ever to before. Just like in the book Unflattening, Nick Sousanis states that a change of perspective will help acquire a better picture. By being open to other ways of thinking, a deeper understanding can be achieved. If someone only looks at a situation in one way, they will not be able to understand the circumstances entirely.

In Kansas, Dorothy did not realize there were other ways to live until she was swept away to the Land of Oz. Once she left her home, she changed her way of thinking and was able to do a lot of good for others. The ideas in the Wizard of Oz and Unflattening are very comparable because they both contain the idea that a change in vantage point is not negative but needed.

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