"This Poem is not a Rap Song. :-)
It is an Expression of the Heart"

Larry Taylor
2 May 2007

My pen is down and thoughts flow,
like the river I sit close and near,
Birds singing their praises,
a new day dawning, thoughts crisp and without fear.
God's mercy is new every day,
even as I work and while I play.
The gift of work is a pleasure to behold,
especially as I obtain some grey,
and feel a bit old.

The toys I use in my play,
range in color, dimpled and often go astray,
Into a area of rough and off the lush grass so green,
even bouncing near a bubbling clear stream.
My pencil is down and like my head
it rests upon the bed.
Thank you Lord for this fine day,
Sweet dreams I ask and pray.


These responses were published on a previous website in response to Larry Taylor's poem.

May 25, 2007

The gift of work is a pleasure to behold, especially as i obtain some grey,and feel a bit old.

I love this line. Well written. Aging is something we all deal with in everyday life.

Katie Schrock

June 21,2007
As part of her work in film studies, Ms. Thompson-Hooks was asked to locate a film clip relevant to another student's project.

When I read this poem, I could "hear" the birds and the stream of water. I am recommending "Tranquil Streams" because I feel it conveys the sense of tranquility that the author of this poem wanted the reader to feel as he/she read his work. His words took you to the place in this film clip.

Karen Thompson-Hooks

Photo Credit: Benjamin Cody