"Blessing of Family"

Ryan Smith
June 17, 2008

Lord in heaven up above
Praise be to thee for the family I love
At times we thrive at times we fail
But not once shall you hear me wail

Since I've gone away it has been hard
Yet Lord you've left our family unscarred
I praise thee for they glorious gift
With it there has been no family shift

As we go forth see to our health
Along with prosperity and wealth
Most of all give us understanding
And as I travel, a safe landing

Author's Reflection

The poem I wrote has many similarities to the Puritan mind. The focus on giving praise to God was a key focus in both areas. Also, there was the ability to reflect thanks for something that God bestowed on his people, or in this instance, my family. Like Atkin's [no longer available on-line] says in his essay, there is a certain ideology involved with the Puritans. I created only an ideal situation when I spoke only to the greatness of God without properly reflecting how there are turbulent issues within the family.

The Liberacki Family
December 25, 1947