"Watch the Children as They Play"

Brad Doner
June 1, 2008

Watch the children as they play
The twinkle in their eyes,
You can see their minds are taking in
The wonder and surprise!

Their laughter and their giggles
Bring a smile to your face,
A thought runs through your head
Can there be a better place?

As the evening sun begins to set
You can overhear them saying,
Let's meet back here tomorrow
And we'll have even more fun playing!


These responses were published on a previous website in response to Brad Doner's poem.

June 1, 2007

As I read your poem, I saw in my minds eye a playground full of youngsters who have one thing in their mind---fun!!!

    --Larry Taylor

June 28, 2007
As part of the work in a film class, Shannon Falardeau was asked to locate a film clip relevant to another student's project.

Screen capture from video. I found Kids Playing. It shows two kids at play; kicking around a soccer ball, playing with bubbles. I thought this would be good because it shows what the first two paragraphs of the poem says. Also, the music in the background is fun.

    --Shannon Falardeau

Photo Credit: Bain News Service, 1909